Bethany   Founder and Chief Boxer


Founder and Chief Boxer

How it all started

Ezer Mama started with a simple online search. While Bethany, Ezer Mama's founder, was searching for a subscription box that would cater to Christian mothers--something that would care for mothers, and just mothers, along with a reminder of true success in motherhood--she found...


After going through the 5 stages of grief and arriving at acceptance, she realized she was completely capable and qualified to design the box she was wanting for herself.

Ezer Mamas in Ministry

Ezer Mama strives to encourage and uplift all Christian mamas, but we know that some of the mamas in the most need of having their cup filled are mamas in full-time ministry. Because of that, this year 10% of each box subscription will go toward a box donation for a Mama in Ministry! This means that with every 5 boxes, we'll be able to pick another Mama in Ministry that we can add to our list of monthly donated boxes!

We want to have the revenue to uplift even more Mamas in Ministry, but we can't do that without you! Subscribe today and uplift your own Ezer self, while giving to those who need uplifting, too.